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THIS is where you can explore about baccarat winning, their history, design and manufacture, and see many different types of cards from around the world. You will discover something interesting here... from how to make your own hand-made baccarat winning, to buying an unusual deck to play with.

baccarat methods

This page offers general information about baccarat methods . The Museum has over 250 decks of baccarat methods and objects related to baccarat methods in its Collection.. The Museum asked David Galt - a member of the American Game Collectors Association and collector of baccarat methods who has been a guest curator of a number of museum exhibits - to serve as guest curator for this section of the Website. To find out more about some of the decks and the related objects in the Collection, click on a picture in the grid at the bottom of this page.

playing baccarat

Shown here is the traditional "rider back" from a deck of Bicycle playing baccarat , a double-ended design showing a cherub riding a bicycle. This image is taken from a deck of Bicycle Rider Back 48F Pinochle Braille playing baccarat. The design is the same on Bicycle Rider Back 88F Jumbo Index Standard playing baccarat. Both decks are manufactured in either blue or red.