How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a very simple game in which there is little for a player to do. The strict rules that govern the game make it possible for you to enjoy the game without being worried about its rules and odds. Baccarat is a game with merely two bets in it: a Banker and Player bet or a tie bet. The odds are almost 50-50 for each hand to win which makes luck as to be a great factor in this game more than skill.

From the first moment of the game it proceeds while following to a strict set of complex and preset rules that require no anxiety from the regular player. You place your bet on the table on the appropriate spot and the game begins.

The croupier deals a card to himself and one to the player, then he deals himself a second card and another one to the player, a third card is dealt only in certain situations according to baccarats rules less the total of one of the hands is 9 or 8 (which are called 'natural'), then the game stops.

If a natural doesn't occur then whoever has the higher total wins. There are better chances for the house to win but the casino 'fix' the edge by placing a commission of 5% on all Bank winning hands.

In fact all you have to do when playing baccarat is simply to place your bet, afterwards the game continues by himself – there's really nothing to know when one decides to play baccarat.